hi im michelle im gay

this blog contains NSFW CONTENT (sometimes)

drabble requests are OPEN

(05.PM) Wed.23/7 #gif #lupin iii

Making knockout ugly is one of the deadly sins

(04.PM) Wed.23/7

why do i have a bunch of weird followers

im too old for marc according to that test

(04.PM) Wed.23/7

well. no this is 100% wrong. here

carrotsweater: for some reason genie in a bottle started playing in my head when i saw that stony gifset. i gues s bc it says bottle big but. yeah

mny stony fanmix: im a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way

im so ready for avengers 2 Im So Ready

(04.PM) Wed.23/7

people saying they made bruce into a good father in the dcnu and im just [uncontrollable laughter]

(03.PM) Wed.23/7

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